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Web Design

Every business should have a representation of itself in the virtual world and the first step for doing it is to have a functioning and adjusted website. The website is the main base where costumers are looking to learn as much as possible about your business and to make different kinds of connections and interactions with you.

Our websites are WordPress based, as it is the easiest and most common platform for websites around the world. Additionally we are using Elementor as it is the best available website builder out there. with this power couple it is possible for us to customize each website and integrate different systems as: hotel room booking system, book a table system, make an appointment system and many more.

We work with a range of projects budges and with different sizes of businesses. It is all depends on the needs of the client. Therefor our first step is to have a ZOOM meeting and get to know our clients better, then we can actually build the right plan for each client individually.

All you should do is to write us here and we will get back to you with an E-mail and ZOOM invitation, where we can get to know you better and discuss the project. 

From two weeks to two months. Through the process we are also correcting and responding to our clients reviews which can also take some time until we get to the final version.

We do not write texts, as we do not have copywrite services. The texts should be supplied by the customer. If wished, we can supply a list with different copywriters, which will help you to write your texts for your website.

Sure. At every beginning of every project, we set a date for a meeting, where you can wish for your direction of design. If you don’t have any specific idea of what you wish to have, our team will create something specific and unique just for you according to the description of your business vision.

We do not work with wireframes or prototype. We believe in a simple process which saves time and therefor our clients get their product faster. During the process the client can give feedback and the correction will be made until the satisfaction of the client will be reached.

Yes. Every website we create has also a tablet and mobile version which is fully responsive.


Social Media Marketing

We create campaigns in Facebook and Instagram

We charge for building marketing plan and the campaigns management. Boosted posts can be included, everything according to the marketing plan, which the costumer will agree to in advance.

The content that we create includes photos, images, videos and short texts.

Yes. In case there is no profile / fan page at the beginning of the work, we create one without extra charge.


Unfortunately, no. We do give maintenance services only to projects, that were created by us.

Yes, with a notice of one calendar month before the termination.

Once a week back up, check up that all is functioning correctly and updating all the plugins. Support in case of malfunctions is included.

Couldn’t find an answer? Contact us here and we will be glad to help.